Nonprofit of the Month Award

Recognizing the Incredible Work of Nonprofits Across the Country Since 2020

Just Write Grants is dedicated to shining a spotlight on nonprofits that are doing amazing work to support their clients and improve their communities.  Since January 2020, the Nonprofit of the Month Award has recognized organizations that exemplify philanthropy at its finest, that saw a need, and are committed to changing the lives of the individuals and families they serve and positively impacting the community around them. 

Now in its third year of awards, we are pleased and honored to introduce you to our recipients in 2022.  Please take a few minutes to learn more about their missions and how you can help them make a difference. 

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The Leaders Readers Network

March 2022

The Leaders Readers Network, based in Canyon, Texas, is dedicated to equitable education and literacy for all. 


Hailey Bankhead Foundation 

June 2022

Hailey Bankhead Foundation serves, supports, and encourages individuals, families, and communities affected by childhood cancer. 

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Now Accepting Nominations

August 2022

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