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Nonprofit of the Month Award

Recognizing the Incredible Work of Nonprofits Across the Country Since 2020

Just Write Grants is dedicated to shining a spotlight on nonprofits that are doing amazing work to support their clients and improve their communities.  Since January 2020, the Nonprofit of the Month Award has recognized organizations that exemplify philanthropy at its finest, that saw a need, and are committed to changing the lives of the individuals and families they serve and positively impacting the community around them. 

Now in its fourth year of awards, we are pleased and honored to introduce you to our recipients in 2023.  Please take a few minutes to learn more about their missions and how you can help them make a difference. 


Orlando/St. Cloud Dream Center

April 2022

Based in Orlando, Florida, St. Cloud Dream Center works tirelessly to reach families and individuals in crisis and support them by providing resources such as a food pantry, wellness programs for senior citizens, job readiness programs, resume prep, and other workshops to improve quality of life.


We Believe You SOS - Supporting Our Survivors

July 2023

We Believe You SOS supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault with a particular focus on advocating for survivors in the military, veteran, and military spouse community. 


Strong Girls United

October 2023

Strong Girls United empowers girls to be strong, confident, and resilient through sport and physical activity alongside mental health and well-being activities.



Typing on a Computer

Now Accepting Nominations

January 2024

Submit your favorite nonprofit for next month's award by completing our brief application form. Nominations close on December 8th, 2023


Constructive Dialog Institute

May 2023

Constructive Dialog Institute works with institutions across the education, for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors to help them communicate across differences and build inclusive cultures. CDI is on an ambitious journey to repair our civic culture by spreading the practices of curiosity, critical thinking, and constructive dialogue.


Horses Adaptive Riding & Therapy (HART)

August 2023

HART, based in Salem, Oregon, empowers and strengthens those with physical, cognitive, emotional, and social challenges through equine-assisted activities. HART seeks to positively change lives by harnessing the power of people and horses.


Flowers for Ann

November 2023

Flowers for Ann's mission is to connect with nursing home residents and fight isolation and loneliness that are so prevalent among them. To date, they have delivered over 4,000 cards with messages of hope, love, and encouragement, positively impacting nursing home residents across their community.


HopeSpur for Mental Health

June 2023

Based in Dalton, Georgia, HopeSpur was built for everyone to be able to find mental health services. Hopespur works to find funding, services, and other resources to bridge the gap for needed mental health care. 


IMG_9419 (1) (1).HEIC

Empower Missouri

September 2023

Empower Missouri is a statewide not-for-profit organization committed to solving the underlying issues driving poverty in its state. Through advocacy, research, and education, Empower Missouri works collaboratively with community members, nonprofit organizations, and state and federal policymakers to build an understanding of systemic poverty and its role in Missouri. 

20230909_112718 (1).jpg

Cat's Animal Rescue

December 2023

Cat's Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains that takes in abandoned/neglected/abused animals. They are dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for all the animals in their care. 

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