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Instant Access to Grant Writing Experts for Your Nonprofit

Get to Know Just Write Grants

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Just Write Grants provides premier grant writing services to nonprofit organizations that want to change the world. But, how are we different?  Anyone can learn to write a grant proposal.  Just Write Grants specializes in combining experienced fundraising professionals and the writing and research skills necessary to inspire foundations and corporations to fund your project.

Meet our Founder, Melanie Lambert

You're a busy fundraising professional. I totally get it.  Before launching Just Write Grants in September 2017, I spent over a decade wearing lots of hats at nonprofits of all different sizes, missions, and programs. Some days I was the Executive Director of Development. Other days I was the grant writer. Sometimes I was the social media manager. Nonprofit work is crazy! Worth it, but crazy. 

When I had the opportunity to start Just Write Grants, I knew I wanted to help nonprofits bridge the gap.  There are millions of dollars in grant funds out there, but if a nonprofit executive needs to be out of the office or planning an event or hosting a golf tournament, it's hard to find the time to sit at your desk and fill out those applications or draft that content. But, as I say all the time, grant writing is like the lottery.  You can't win if you don't play. 

Just Write Grants helps nonprofits save time, spend less, and raise more with affordable grant writing subscriptions that help you add or keep grant writing as part of your fundraising strategy without chaining you to your desk. We add decades of experience to your team in only a few days. And we know the right funders for your nonprofit and your unique needs. Let's connect! I'd love to share more with you about our subscriptions and how they've worked for dozens of nonprofits across the country. 

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