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Nominate your favorite nonprofit for our 

Nonprofit of the Month Award

In 2023, Just Write Grants wants to continue celebrating and highlighting the incredible work of nonprofit organizations across the country.  But we need your help!

Nominate a deserving nonprofit organization today. Tell us why it should be recognized, and if selected, they'll receive our Nonprofit of the Month award.  Awardees will:

  • Receive a $150 grant from Just Write Grants

  • Be featured in the following month's e-newsletter, sharing details of the impact of their mission with Just Write Grants subscribers and clients

  • Highlighted weekly on all Just Write Grants social media platforms throughout their award month

To thank you for sharing, if your nonprofit is selected, we'll send you a $15 Amazon Gift Card. 

Don't wait! Nominations are already pouring in!

Nominate your favorite nonprofit and they could win a $100 grant. (And you could score a sweet $15 Amazon Gift Card!)

Thanks for submitting your nomination!

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