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Don’t Fundraise Alone! Top 10 Best Books On Fundraising Every Nonprofit Guru Should Read

women shopping in a bookstore

Meet Jane. She's a nonprofit ninja, ready to conquer the fundraising world.

It's Saturday morning, the sun is shining, and she's fueled by a cup of artisanal, fair-trade coffee that promised notes of caramel and hints of vanilla.

She stepped into her local bookstore, her mission as bright as the day.

To find "the book" on fundraising.

You know — that magical book that promised to swing the doors wide open to fundraising glory and make it rain dollars on her nonprofit's mission.

There were a LOT of books — all claiming to be the best books on fundraising. It was confusing. Which book was THE one? Which would unlock fundraising success?

Jane didn't know.

So, she left with just a bookmark and some cool new gel pens.

But don't worry, unlike Jane, you've got a shortcut to success.

I've navigated the maze for you and picked out the top 10 best books on fundraising.

Without further ado:

Author: Eugene R. Tempel, Timothy L. Seiler, and Dwight F. Burlingame

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and professionals seeking comprehensive, advanced insights into fundraising strategies and management.

Why I Recommend It: The authors draw on their extensive experience and knowledge to provide valuable advice and best practices, from building strong donor relationships to implementing effective organizational strategies. For professionals looking to take their fundraising efforts to the next level, this book is a valuable resource.

Author: Amanda Palmer

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals who struggle with asking for help or fundraising.

Why I Recommend It: Amanda Palmer's book is a heartfelt guide to asking for help genuinely. It's an inspiring read that can help nonprofit professionals overcome the discomfort of asking for donations.

Author: Janet Levine and Laurie Selik

Who It'd Be Good For: Fundraisers and nonprofit professionals who aim to cultivate meaningful conversations and relationships with donors and stakeholders.

Why I Recommend It: It provides practical advice and strategies to engage donors effectively and maintain fruitful relationships. Its focus on empathetic communication and understanding makes it a unique and valuable tool for fundraisers aiming to create a lasting impact.

Author: Penelope Burk

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals aiming to understand how to engage donors effectively.

Why I Recommend It: Penelope Burk's book equips nonprofit workers with a donor-centric approach to effective fundraising. It's a practical guide full of insights on building lasting donor relationships.

Author: Kim Klein

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals working in social change organizations.

Why I Recommend It: Kim Klein's book offers a hands-on guide to fundraising for social change. It's packed with real-life examples and practical techniques for donor engagement and solicitation.

Author: Carmine Gallo

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals who want to improve their storytelling skills to engage donors and stakeholders.

Why I Recommend It: Carmine Gallo's book emphasizes the power of storytelling in engaging donors. It offers a rich collection of examples demonstrating effective storytelling techniques utilized by successful leaders.

Author: Erik Hanberg

Who It'd Be Good For: Staff and leaders of small nonprofits looking for effective fundraising strategies.

Why I Recommend It: Erik Hanberg's book is a practical guide for small nonprofits looking to boost their fundraising efforts. It offers valuable insights on donor psychology and grant writing, specifically tailored for small organizations.

Author: Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals seeking to enhance their fundraising efforts.

Why I Recommend It: It offers a broad range of strategies, from traditional methods to innovative ideas, that can be easily implemented. This book is perfect for those who want to enhance their fundraising efforts with tried-and-tested techniques.

Authors: Beth Kanter and Allison H. Fine

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit professionals looking to navigate the increasingly automated landscape of the nonprofit sector.

Why I Recommend It: This book brilliantly addresses the challenge of maintaining the human touch in an increasingly automated world. It offers valuable insights into how nonprofits can strike a balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and preserving the human-centered approach.

Author: Marc A. Pitman

Who It'd Be Good For: Nonprofit leaders and professionals who aim to enhance their fundraising strategies through servant-leadership.

Why I Recommend It: This book explores the concept of servant-leadership in the context of fundraising, offering practical ways to promote philanthropy through a leadership style that prioritizes service. It's a valuable resource for leaders aiming to create an environment that fosters giving and compassion, boosting their fundraising efforts.

Turning the page to success.

Now, unlike Jane, you're armed with a concise, curated list—a roadmap to the right books that hold the transformative strategies and insights your nonprofit needs to flourish. So go ahead, step into that bookstore with confidence.

But — what if there was a place where like-minded professionals converged, sharing their favorite books on nonprofit fundraising, management, grant writing, and leadership?

Introducing the Change-Makers Nonprofit Book Club—a gathering place for professionals committed to making a real difference.

No more feeling lost in the sea of books or navigating the nonprofit world alone. Ready to turn the page to a new chapter of success?

Join us at the Change-Makers Nonprofit Book Club!

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Kristin Chute is a freelance writer with a passion for helping nonprofits increase their reach and impact. She has written for companies offering SaaS solutions, nonprofits directly, and donor loyalty programs.

Kristin believes in the power of nonprofit organizations to change the world. With expertise stemming from her career and personal connection to volunteering at her childhood summer camp, she shares insights to help nonprofits increase their reach, engage supporters, and amplify fundraising efforts.

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