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Innovation is Key--Three TED Talks Showcasing Nonprofit Success

You've started a nonprofit, and you want to see tangible results for the causes and populations you've chosen to champion. Understandable. A common pitfall, however, is that organizations often repeat the same tired, overused methods, failing to reach their potential.

Developing original solutions requires a shift in perspective with regard to how you look at the problems you want to solve.

These three TED talks shine a light on programs that have used creativity and originality to produce highly effective outcomes.

This inspirational talk by Richard K. Berry, former mayor of Albuquerque, chronicles how homelessness was reduced by 40% in his city through the initiative "There's A Better Way." Working in partnership with a local nonprofit, the program found a creative way to offer individuals a day's work, transportation, competitive pay, and a sense of dignity that handouts can't provide.

Jake Wood has found a way to address two weighty problems with one creative idea. Team Rubicon recruits vets who've just returned from duty to aid in humanitarian efforts in areas hit by hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Watch as Wood describes how his program combines the manpower needed to help citizens recover from devastation while giving a sense of purpose and community to soldiers who often feel displaced.

In this uplifting talk, Adam Garone discusses how a conversation at a local pub led to the creation of Movember, a worldwide phenomenon that's raised more than $100 million for prostate cancer research. Inspired by the success of other organizations, his group started this campaign asking men to grow mustaches during the month of November in order to raise money and awareness for men's health issues.

There are countless ways in which nonprofits can creatively interface with the surrounding community to achieve their goals. By using ingenuity and a fresh perspective, you can quickly propel your enterprise on its path to success, helping others in the process.


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