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Where Can I Find Grant Writing Courses?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Grant writing is easy, said no one ever. There are a few myths when it comes to grant writing:

1. All you need is good writing skills to be good at grant writing.

2. Anybody can be a grant writer.

3. Grant writing is basically the same as any other fundraising writing.

Grant writing is an art and a science. As with anything, your skills improve with time and experience. But, it is WAY more than simply being capable of putting together a compelling narrative. Successful grant writing requires an understanding of grant-maker expectations, knowledge of terminology specific to grant writing, and the ability to balance the details and data of a project with the human element of your mission.

If you are interested in honing your skills as a grant writer, here are four options available to you via the internet and in person:

Grantspace offers both in-person and on-demand, self-paced learning options for both the novice and experienced grant writer. Most of their on-demand courses range from free to $65, with a full online proposal writing course at $225. You can find in-person training nationwide in locations based on Foundation Center offices. Early in my career, I participated in several Foundation Center in-person trainings, some specifically in grant writing. Each provided quality content, excellent feedback from facilitators, and functional take-aways.

Grant Professionals Association offers training and webinars for proposal development, management, budgeting, evaluation, and all of the various elements of a grant proposal. Trainers are approved by GPA and cost varies based on the trainer.

American Grant Writers' Association, Inc. offers a certification credential after an online course and in-person examination. The cost (about $1,200) does not include travel to the required in-person examination. This certification does not require any previous experience in grant writing and can be a great way for new grant writers to develop skills quickly, while earning an industry-accepted certification.

University Professional & Continuing Education Courses

Check your local university for professional and continuing education courses. Many colleges offer grant writing or nonprofit management as an option in their course selections.

At Just Write Grants, we've put together a series of on-demand (and live) webinars for nonprofit professionals interested in increasing their knowledge of grant writing and management. These webinars are free and available at any time. We cover various topics, including preparing your nonprofit to be successful and competitive in grant writing, how to draft letters of inquiry, and how to build a grant calendar. Have a question? We love to talk "shop." We're always available to help you as you navigate grant writing.


Need a professional grant writer to help your nonprofit take its fundraising strategy to the next level? Just Write Grants can be your nonprofit's virtual grant writer, providing high-quality proposals, research, and submissions based on more than a decade of experience and multiple millions of dollars of grant funds secured.

To learn more about Just Write Grants and our affordable grant writing subscriptions and get 30 minutes of free custom grant research, click here or call 1-866-7GRANTS to speak to a grant expert today.

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