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At TurnKey Writing Solutions, we strive to help nonprofits better serve their clients and make a bigger impact on the world and their communities. We're ready to give back to nonprofits that help us spread the word about our affordable and convenient grant writing subscriptions.  For every 10 referrals that sign a contract with TurnKey Writing Solutions, we will hold a drawing for a $1,000 grant to be awarded to one of the randomly selected referring nonprofits. 


The more organizations you refer, the better your chances of winning!

Share this page with your colleagues and remind them to include your nonprofit's name in the referral box for your chance to win!

Questions?  Email or
call 1-888-8GRANTS

Official Rules:  Winning nonprofits do not have to be a current subscriber with TurnKey Writing Solutions.  Only referall organizations classified as 501c3 nonprofit organizations are qualified to win.  Drawings will be held after every ten (10) new clients generated by referrals.  New clients must sign contracts by 11:59 p.m. EST on December 31, 2018 in order for referral organizations to be qualified for a drawing.  Referral organizations may be entered into the same drawing more than once based on the number of referred nonprofit organizations that sign a contract within the drawing period. There are no restrictions related to the use of the $1,000 grants to the referring nonprofit organizations. 

Refer a Nonprofit and
You Could Win a
$1,000 Grant!

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