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Where Can I Find COVID-19 Emergency Funding?

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

*We'll update this list regularly as we learn about other lists. If we're missing one that you believe would be helpful to include, please email us with a link at

The last few months have seen dramatic shifts in almost every aspect of our lives. One of those shifts most impacting nonprofit organizations is funding. It still remains to be seen how COVID-19 and its aftermath will change the funding climate as a whole, but today we're seeing the continual popping-up of emergency funds across the country. With typically short application windows, relatively simple applications, and fast turn-around times, these awards are designed to inject cash into communities and quickly respond to the needs of nonprofits on the front lines.

If your organization is seeking funds to support an existing program or a recent pivot, many paid online grant research databases are posting COVID-19-related funding on publicly accessible pages, meaning you don't need a paid subscription to access the information about the grant and how to apply. Keep a watchful eye on these lists as they are updated regularly as new funds are announced.

GrantStation is publishing a list of COVID-19 response funding opportunities that is updated each business day and is searchable by geographic scope, target population, area of interest, deadline, added since date, and keywords in the description. Click here to view the most current list:

Candid, also known as Foundation Directory Online, features a list of COVID-19 response funding that appears to be updated as they receive notification of the availability. You can search their list by location and keyword. Click here to view Candid's funding list: You can also stay up-to-date on coronavirus funding across the globe, what foundations are contributing and to what nonprofits, and how much has been awarded in either list, chart, or map form. Click here to view the most recent data:

GrantWatch also offers a free, regularly-updated list of grant opportunities to support COVID-19 emergency response. If you're familiar with GrantWatch's search functionality, you'll recognize it is the same for these funds, allowing you to focus results based on geographic area, type of funder, keywords, and deadlines. Click here to access GrantWatch's list:

Search Instrumentl's list by geographic location or scroll through to see the full scope of opportunities. When available, they also include grant amounts. They state the list is updated frequently and request readers send in opportunities they have identified that are not included. Click here to view their list:

This state-by-state list links readers to area-specific community foundations and their COVID-19 response funds. Click here to review:

This list of global response funds and funding opportunities related to COVID-19 relief can be searched using keywords and includes community foundations. Click here to review The Council on Foundations' list updated every five minutes using publicly available information.

Providing an extensive list of funds with a social justice and/or community-based focus (and select strategic response funds), this list does not appear to be searchable as of this post and is in alphabetical order based on the name of the fund. Click here to view the full list:

Other Resources

Be sure to check with your local community foundation (if it isn't listed on one of the resources here) and ask about donor-advised funds that may have been recently redirected for COVID-19 response. Connect with your local United Way, which may be offering funds itself but may also be able to direct you to local or regional funds that aren't making it onto this larger lists. If your nonprofit has established relationships with grant-makers that know your mission well, consider calling and discussing how COVID-19 has affected your programs and how their financial support above and beyond their usual contributions can help your organization over the coming months. As your partner, they should welcome that conversation and, if they are not in a position to make an additional contribution, may be able to make connections with other grant-makers.

Are you an individual looking for financial assistance because you've been impacted by COVID-19? A nonprofit looking for a grant or loan for operational costs? A small business seeking grants or loans? Click here to learn about funding opportunities beyond typical nonprofit program grants.


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